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Store Wars: GOG Launching Its Own Steam-Like Service

GOG really picking up Steam

GOG's been slowly moving from strength to strength for years, but now it looks like CD Projekt's DRM-free baby is ready to step into the big leagues. GOG Galaxy is set to be a client-based service with friends, achievements, automatic updates, and the like ala Steam, only it's entirely optional. No online game activations required, no sign-ins needed to play. You can play with friends using other platforms (like Steam) too. Trailer - yes, for a store/service - below.

As of now, that's really about all there is to it. If you go to Galaxy's sparkly new website, you'll find no further information - just a little sign that says, "More news in 2014." So that's all for now, I guess.

It's very good news, though. This sounds like it could potentially be the first viable Steam alternative, er, ever, and it plays nice with Steam and other services to boot. A competitor and a complement. Interesting. Regardless, options are rarely bad, especially when a company with a track record as historically good (and/or old) as GOG's is at the helm.

Also, just to be certain I checked with GOG, and yes, Galaxy will be focused on curated games. No Steam Greenlight-style floodgate-opening shenanigans. So in some ways, Galaxy sounds like it will be akin to the Steam Of Yore while Steam itself evolves into... whatever Steam is currently evolving into.

I have no idea how this will all shake out, but I'm expecting interesting times ahead. I am, however, sad that they didn't name it GOGGLES, but I just sat here trying to acronym that for five whole minutes and I've got nothing.

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