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GOG Galaxy gets a big ol' client update for finding any game in existance

For the last couple months, GOG has been gathering feedback on the GOG Galaxy mega-games-launcher from its crew of closed beta testers. Today they've opened the gates and let out what they've been working on, the monolithic-sounding GOG Galaxy 2.0 Atlas Update. The update includes a whole lot of organizational possibilities, a Marie Kondo feverdream of clean, tidy sorting options and search tags.  GOG, it seems, is angling for this to become your main hub for keeping track of every single release from past, present, and future.

The Galaxy launcher got its first big update earlier in the year, giving folk a way to keep track of their entire games library whether it’s on Steam, Epic, GOG or even consoles. With the new Atlas update, however, they've now introduced an even beefier global search feature. This lets you look for literally any game, says GOG.

"Global search can find games you don't own. Basically any game in existance," according to the announcement vid. And - if you own it - you can manually link it and launch it from there.

Once a game is linked, which just requires the .exe file, it'll be added to the launcher along with its boxart. GOG Galaxy will also track your in-game progress for you, which itself handily appears right under the game title in the launcher. Check out the video above for a full breakdown of all the changes.

The Atlas update is live right now when you launch GOG Galaxy 2.0. If you're interesting in in testing it, you can sign up for the beta on its official site.

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