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GOG's winter sale opens with a Full Throttle Remastered giveaway

Real bikes need at least seven exhaust pipes

The deals deluge begins, and GOG's winter sale opens with free goodies. Swoop on down to the giveaway page here and you can grab Full Throttle Remastered, Double Fine's polished-up version of the classic short-but-sweet Lucasarts adventure. While John wasn't sold on its new (and optional) art, he still had a lot of lovely things to say about it in his review. It was worth the money then, and it's absolutely worth your time now. There's some other, near-free goodies to snag and some time limited deals too, and the sale runs until January 3rd. Full Throttle is available free for its first 48 hours - see my pick of the day below.

While there's a lot discounted right now, the best deals seem to be time-limited, with a new set every 24 hours. It's interesting to see GOG running with a sale format that Steam has largely abandoned, but it probably works to their advantage if it gets eyes on the store every day. Full Throttle isn't the only perk, but the others do require spending a little money. Spending anything in the sale gets you 1996 DOS goodie Fantasy General, a hex-based strategy game. Spending £11.79/$15 nets you roguelike-ish space shooter Everspace, and its expansion costs £3.69/€5.09/$5.78.

Of the current crop, my pick-of-the-day would be Tower Of Time by Event Horizon for £5.89/€6.29/$7.15. An offbeat mega-dungeon style RPG with an MMO/MOBA-inspired combat engine. You control your entire party in real-time tactical fights with slow-mo for planning. Juggling cooldowns and positions around cover to keep your crew in the fight during long multi-wave battles. What its combat animations lack in oomph, it makes up for in smart systems and nice subterranean views. John really liked it even in early access, and it's been polished and refined a lot since then.

GOG have also opened up their GOG Connect page again, with a handful more games that you can copy over to your GOG account in DRM-free form if you already own them on Steam. Not too much in this round, but it does include Harebrained Schemes's rather good Shadowrun trilogy, all games which I did previously only own on Steam. Can't complain about that.

GOG's winter sale is live now and runs until January 3rd. Full Throttle Remastered is free here for the next couple days.

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