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Going Over The Edge: Indie Mass Protest

A lot of indie games have just changed their names. Remember Fez? It's now Fedge. Tyler Glaiel's Closure is now named Closure: on the EDGE of reality™. The forthcoming iPhone game Critter Crunch is henceforth referred to as Critter Credge. And the enormously enjoyed Canabalt is now called Canabedge. Although Atomic Edge Games aren't too pleased about it all. Other new games have been announced including Ted Marten's Edgeward McEdgington, Secret Exit promises to bring us LEDGE, Steph Thirion's Eliss declares a sequel, Edgeliss, Tyler Glaiel is back with a new game, Edgeform: On The Edge Of Insanity, and there's rumours of a new game from Dejobaan, EeeeeEEeeeEEEeeEEEEeEEEEEdge! A Feckless Disregard For Poopieheads. You may have noticed a pattern. This is a solidarity movement amongst the indie development community to stand up to the legal actions of Tim Langdell, who has recently launched another attempt to remove a game from Apple's iTunes store due to including the word "Edge" in its title.

If you didn't follow the story of Langdell's attempt to remove EDGE from iTunes, there is no better place to catch up than Simon Parkin's astonishing piece for Eurogamer. EDGE is back up, after an intervention by EA, but Langdell is now trying the same with a game called Killer Edge Racing.

The movement above is a response to this, a sort of burst-the-prisons protest, with an increasing number of developers standing up to the legal actions from Langdell. You can follow the list on Touch Arcade.

If you wish to delve deeper into investigations of Langdell, and find some really remarkable discoveries about his business, be sure to follow Chaos Edge. The posts are long, but they're meticulously researched, and carry some hefty surprises.

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