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Going Up: Project Highrise Is Now Actually Out

Pleasant and calm

"It's Thursday," Graham corrected me earlier today as I chatted about the usual Wednesday stuff - hanging myself from Yggdrasil, saying 'hump day' loads as if it's hilariously smutty, etc. If I can't even remember which day it is, what chance do any of us have of remembering that a game we reviewed way back on Tuesday is now actually released? Almost zero. The game in question is Project Highrise [official site], a simple but fairly pleasant skyscrape 'em up which kept Alec happily occupied for a bit. It is now actually out, released this afternoon. Consider yourself reminded.

Here are some words from Wot Alec Thinks:

"I know the words 'Sim Tower' are flickering hungrily across the hind brains of readers Of A Certain Age, but I should say off the bat that Highrise has the mentality of an idle or clicker game as much as it does a sim.

"In fairness, you tend to be busy dragging powerlines or placing offices most of the time – it's not a matter of leaving the game to play itself for a while then coming back to reap the rewards a few hours later ... But this is not truly a game of strategy, despite appearances and despite the inclusion of water pipes. It's about waiting for cash to accumulate in sufficient quantities that you can build One More Floor."

And here are some more:

"People are going to like it, because it achieves what it sets out to do and because it can yet be mined for greater efficiency of construction and weirder or more specialist designs, but right now I'm not expecting the break-out mega-success of a Factorio or Rimworld. It just doesn’t have the flex. Not yet, anyway, but the slick, compulsive, ever so slightly bland Project Highrise is certainly a strong foundation for the community to take it somewhere weirder and wilder."

Project Highrise is out on Windows and Mac through Steam and GOG for £14.99/19,99€/$19.99 or thereabouts. It's made by SomaSim and published by Kasedo Games. Somehow, they've managed to make these pictures... move?

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Project Highrise

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