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Goodness, Welcome Philippa Warr To The RPS Hivemind!

Group hug

Horace is finally back from his shopping trip, and we are very excited to welcome the latest member of the RPS family. It is none other than Philippa Warr! Yippee! Please say your nicest hellos below.

We were inundated with incredible applications for the job we advertised a couple of months ago, and Pip's application stood out splendidly. The other good news is that there were many other strong applications, from people both experienced and brand new, whose work we liked so much we'll be contacting them (if we haven't already) to discuss freelance work.

We're utterly thrilled to welcome Pip into the RPS Treehouse Of Power, where she'll be our roviest of reporters, and our in-house expert on the new-fangled MOBA and MMO games we've never quite understood. You may already know Pip from the Dote Night column she's recently started writing for us, but now she shall spread her wings and be a daily presence amongst us. Hooray!

So say a nice big lovely hello to the resplendent Pip in the comments below.

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