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Gore You With The Details: The Evil Within

Screaming, bleeding and making a fuss

I have reason to believe that the latest trailer for The Evil Within is directed at a very specific audience. It might even be an audience of one. I share it here just in case the individual in question happens to be reading this website, for it now contains all of the answers he or she will ever need. The person we're seeking still thinks that The Evil Within will be a subtle and unnerving psychological horror experience, the sort that haunts dreams and takes up residence somewhere under the skin. The rest of us know - and can see final confirmation below - that it is a game in which everything is either bleeding, screaming or wearing its organs on the outside. While exploding.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen. I must admit that I wasn't expecting the city to start collapsing - I'd imagined the destruction and carnage would be more localised, but it seems the evil within is heading without and painting the whole town red. That actually makes me far more eager to play. If the game's going straight for the jugular with its serrated incisors and lunatic cackling, I hope it doesn't stop gnashing while there's a thread of flesh remaining. Go wild, The Evil Within, and find your home in the kitsch of the gloriously overloaded gorefest.

The game has pedigree, of course, coming from the mind of Goof Troop designer Shinji Mikami, who later went on to direct Resident Evil. The Evil Within looks to have more in common with the fourth and finest game in the series, which began with not-zombies and only ended after throwing every possible murderous thing at protagonist Leon's pretty little face. Observe.

Mikami was also the director of God Hand, a game that channels camp and kitsch better than almost any other. I'd gladly take a pinch of its sensibility mixed in with the grim and the gruesome, and I'll gladly stumble my way through the haunts and the horrors of The Evil Within. Not long to wait - it's out in a couple of weeks, on the 14th.

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The Evil Within

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