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Got Space For Another F2P MMO? Here's Nexus Conflict 

If a game doesn't have a connection to my favourite dark matter infused vacuum, I'll usually take the time to write a letter to the publishers, developers, neighbours, suggesting a rethink. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get my door kicked in by a SWAT team and taken to a 'facility' for a rest and a cup of tea. Take Gamigo's Nexus Conflict: It was originally a fighting game about two phones, a classic in the making you might think? But upon hearing about the burgeoning international movement known as SPACE!, they reworked the game according to my themes: it's now a strategic MMO in the Black Prophecy universe. You know, in SPACE! Beta details and trailer are below.

Nexus focuses on capital ship-to-ship battles, behemoths up to 1.5km in size that you need to manage and configure. That's why SPACE! is ace: 1.5km ships in water* would just sink, but in space I could balance one on my finger. The free-to-play browser/Unity game's closed beta starts next month, and promises PvP, PvE and PvE co-op missions, crafting, and factions. And the video below claims to show actual game footage. It looks rather pretty. Up for it?

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You can sign up for the beta now, with the first battles being fought in early March.

*My science teacher was Dr. Dre, before he dropped it and took up English.

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