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Grab a 15.6-in portable OLED monitor for $200 at Amazon US

This Innocn model has been tested and approved by John Linneman of Digital Foundry too.

an innocn oled portable monitor, showing a retro game
Image credit: John Linneman

Portable monitors are pretty awesome - they're an easy way to get a dual screen setup going on a laptop, and also work well to expand the Steam Deck's rather modest screen into something a little more co-op friendly. Of course, they also work for desktop computers too - and are much more portable and space-saving than an average actual desktop monitor.

You can even get OLED models now - and a coupon code on Amazon US brings one model down from Innocn from $350 to $200 when you tick the 'coupon' box on the product page. That's quite a bargain for a 15.6-in portable screen of this calibre.

Innocn sounds like a random no-name company, but my colleague John Linneman of Digital Foundry actually reviewed this very monitor for Eurogamer. His verdict? At the original price of $309, "the extra cost [over a non-OLED portable monitor] is absolutely warranted. The leap in image quality is significant and it's still an affordable way to gain access to an OLED display. Given this, the Innocn 15K1F stands as one of the best options available in the lightweight portable monitor class of displays."

A strong recommendation then - and again, that's for a monitor that initially cost $109 more than it costs right now. At $200, the Innocn OLED is a seriously good deal, and well worth picking up if you can make use of it.

As well as serving in a dual-screen laptop setup, John also hits on the mobile gaming angle, suggesting that the device can be used with a range of console and PC hardware when you're travelling and don't have easy access to a TV. There's both Mini HDMI and a USB-C input, so you're well covered for both newer (USB-C) and older (HDMI) devices. Obviously, the advantage of the USB-C is that you can get power and video through the one cable; with the Mini HDMI to HDMI cable you'll need to use the USB cable to actually power the device.

The screen used here is actually legitimately good too. It reached a peak brightness of 394 nits, marginally brighter than a Switch OLED and nearly double the PS Vita, and colour reproduction is solid too. You're limited to 1080p 60Hz (a 4K model is also available at a higher price) and there's no form of VRR or black frame insertion, but these would be rare inclusions for this kind of form factor - and especially for $200!

So, if you fancy gaming on a better-looking, faster-responding, perfect-blacks-having portable display, this is well worth checking out while it's available at a reduced price.

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