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Grab an Xbox Wireless Controller for $40 after a $20 holiday discount

Microsoft's official Xbox Series controllers are well-made, ideal for PC.

Microsoft's Xbox Series Wireless Controller is a great fit for PC too, and at the Microsoft Store today you can grab one for $39.99 instead of the usual $59.99 - and in a choice of black, white, blue or red colourways.

This is a great pickup for PC gaming, especially if you like platformers, racing games, action titles and the like, of which there are plenty on PC.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter has a lot going for it, from its control scheme being the default in basically all recent games with controller support to its simple AA battery power that provides instant recharges (with the option to juggle rechargeable batteries or pick up the Charge & Play adapter for a more environmentally-friendly option.)

The controller is just nice to use too, with a comfortable shape and size that shows the firm's continued ergonomic advances since the days of the original Xbox 'Duke' controller. Ironically, the default Series controller has a much better reputation for reliability than the more expensive Elite models, and the controller I've been using since day one has shown no signs of wear so far.

These controllers support Bluetooth and USB-C out of the box, so you have a choice of wired or wireless connections to your PC with no further kit necessary. If you prefer though, there's also the option of Microsoft's proprietary 2.4GHz Xbox Wireless connection, which is slightly lower latency, accessible via a USB dongle. (This same dongle can support up to seven simultaneous connections from controllers or Xbox Wireless headsets, so it's a pretty sensible pickup - I've used mine for years on a range of different devices!)

In any case, $40 is a good price for one of these controllers, and well worth picking up if you don't have one already.

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