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Grab Bomber Crew for free as part of Humble Store's winter sale

The offer expires on Saturday

Humble have launched their winter sale, and to kick it off you can grab strategy-management game Bomber Crew for free until January 16th. Plus there are loads of substantial discounts on other great games.

You can grab Bomber Crew from its Humble store page for the price of nothing anytime during, at the time of writing, the next two days and 19 hours. That's 6pm GMT/10am PT/1pm ET on Saturday, January 16th.

Bomber Crew would normally cost you £15/$15 and is pretty great. It's a crew management game akin to FTL but set upon a World War 2 bomber as opposed to a spaceship. Adam enjoyed his time with it back in 2017. (And if you wish it was even more like FTL, Nate loved its spaceship-bound sequel Space Crew when it came out late last year).

There are plenty of other good games on sale, including hack-and-slash bugvania Hollow Knight for £5.50 (50% off) and conveyor belt sim Forager for £9 (40% off). Yakuza: Like A Dragon is also 25% off, which is still pricey at £41.24 but a decent discount for a recently released big game.

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Bomber Crew

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