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Grab mech shooter Brigador free from GOG

Explosive mech action, for free!

Merry Christmas, it's time to hop in a mech and trash a city. For 72 hours, digital games store GOG are giving away Brigador free for keepsies, and it's well worth grabbing. Brigador's an isometric shooter about blasting through a futurecity in a variety of customisable mechs and other vehicles, going stealthy if you want or deploying massive munitions if not.

To get Brigador free, hit GOG's front page before 2pm on the 25th (6am Pacific) and scroll down to the big giveaway banner (don't be fooled by the header which says "Brigador giveaway). You do need to agree to sign up for GOG's mailing list to get the game, so I suppose you could quibble over whether or not it's "free" in the strictest sense, but what is truly free? Man cannot game on Tux Racer alone.

"Make no mistake, Brigador is a toybox first and foremost – assemble your dream mech or deathtank, take it out for a spin in Bladerunnerville, trash everything, have a bloody great fight," Alec Meer said in our 2016 Brigador review. That was before a big overhaul update and a string of others adding and tweaking bits, too.

The devs announced a sequel in 2019, Brigador Killers. It, like everything else, has not made it out in 2020 as planned.

GOG also added new games to their Winter Sale today. Along with a big slap of Bethesda Softworks stuff like Dishonored and Fallout: New Vegas, you'll find discounts on Cuphead, Streets of Rage 4 (one of our favourite games of the year), Dusk, Amid Evil, and more.

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