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iCEnhancer Mod Is Coming To GTA 5

Pretty pretty

iCEnhancer is probably the best Grand Theft Auto mod going. Or if not that then it's at least the kind of mod that doubles as Essential Viewing In Tech Porn: It did some incredible things to Grand Theft Auto 4, bringing in this astounding sleekness to a then six-year-old game. So the big news is the mod is coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 [official site].

The novelty of iCEnhancer is you can barely tell the difference between the mod and real-life. It's worth taking a look at Version 3.0 for an example of it running at its best. It only released last year and introduced a nice painterly attention to detail with moving clouds, godrays, motion blur, pure sweet lusty graphical nonsense.

So yeah, with that in mind don't expect things to look so hot on GTA 5 just yet. You can check out a few pre-alpha screenshots on the mod's Facebook page, along with a video from the fine folk at Overclock3D. It's alright.

Gera, what am I looking at? I hear you cry. Yeah, I don't really see a huge difference between the pre and post-mod visuals in that video but so far only a couple tweaks have been made. If you can work out what they actually are then tell me in the comments.

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