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Grand Theft Auto V Rains Whales As Modding Ramps Up

A very silly video

I have a little rule about finishing games in their original form before I lark about with mods or cheats, but seeing whales rain from the sky in Grand Theft Auto V [official site] does make me want to start dicking about pronto. As the development of unofficial mod support comes at a staggering pace, we now have a cheaty trainer you could use to run around as an invulnerable, unarrestable, and heavily-armed lout or, if you're a peaceful sort, become a humpback whale flopping about on land. Yeah, I am tempted to break my rule to play silly beggars.

This is only the start of modding GTA V, of course. For now, come watch this daft whale video.

Alexander Blade released the first version of his Script Hook V tool last week, which allows folks to make custom plugins using GTA V's native scripting functions. It's a relatively tidy way to hook into the code and add bits, in short. To demonstrate this, Blade includes the Native Trainer. Like other cheat trainers, it's a collection of shortcuts to your dreams. Don't want to find a particular car? Spawn one. Don't have enough cash? Give yourself some. Sick of the cops coming after you? Turn it off. It's freedom to be a lout.

Also you can change yourself into a monkey or a chicken or a cat or a deer or... well, look at this whale of a video YouTube user 'Merfish' made with the Native Trainer:

Rockstar's intricately-craft realistic city is the perfect setting for absurd shenanigans. That citizens react with their scripted outrage and terror to a whale the same way they would a car crash is delightful.

Where will GTA V modding go from here? Exciting and wonderful places, I'm sure. The folks behind OpenIV folks have been kicking GTA V's tires too as they figure out how to add and replace assets. I've seen enough folks clamouring for an Iron Man mod (a popular method of larking about in GTA IV) that I'm sure one will be along soon, if it isn't already in places I haven't yet seen.

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