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Grand Theft Uncle: GTA V's Watch Dogs Mod

Uncle optional

The magical planet-hacking phone of Watch Underscore Dogs seemed a fine tool to play with in a sandbox world, but Ubisoft's murderuncle simulator wants much fun as a sandbox. So hey, look, a mod brings Aiden Pearce's fancy phone to Grand Theft Auto V [official site] - which has a wonderful world. You can now hack traffic lights, pop up traffic barriers, plunge the city into darkness, unlock cars, make trains freak out, rain money from ATMs, and pull other ctOS tricks.

Note: changing the player model to Aiden with his "iconic cap" is an optional, separate thing for hardcore uncle enthusiasts only.

The Watch_Dogs V hacks script mod is by JulioNIB, who had already brought Doghacks to GTA IV in 2014. The list of phonetricks you can pull in GTA V includes:

•burst wall lamp bulbs
•burst people phones
•explode transformers ("energy boxes", commonly on sideways)
•explode hydrants
•explode gas bombs
•hack security cam (models on walls +one for each traffic light)
•hack traffic lights (make drivers crash close to the front of the pole)
•rise blocks on streets (one for each traffic light)
•hack ATM to:
-bug the machine to release money and make people around try to pickup
-explode (like the transformer hack)
•Blackout (accessed via the weapon wheel [TAB], only available between 21 and 3 hours)
•Hack cars to:
-Lock, Unlock doors
-Burst engine
-Burnout (driver needed)
-Accelerate (driver needed)
•Hack trains to:
•Disrupt helicopters making them crash

You can dick about with anything that could conceivably be connected to the cybernet, then. I do like the idea of futurehacks making a car's engine simply "burst", or sending all nearby cars accelerating wildly. The mod also copies the Watch Dogs style of attracting police attention, with witnesses actually making calls that you can interrupt.

There's no mention of whether this mod borrows any assets from Ubi's game, but some of the UI elements are awfully familiar. Hmm! I don't know. But thought I should mention this? Mysteries. Beware The Man, man.

Here's a peek at some of the hacky antics:

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