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Great big gaming digi-vent PAX X EGX kicks off today

Coming to a front room near you

Fellow nerds, rejoice! Since EGX and PAX weren't able to put on physical events this year, PAX Online and EGX Digital have joined forces for PAX X EGX (sadly not, as I have been told I should not call it, PACKSEGGS). Starting right now today, Saturday the 12th you'll have nine full days of your favourite gaming shows, but from the comfort of your home!

Up to the 20th of September, next Sunday you'll be able to explore a digital show floor, check out indies in a dedicated indie zone, get access to hands-on demos, and be subject to a dizzying array of panels and livestreams. And if you, like Nick Jackson, are a merchfreak, you can get event-exclusive merch.

As is our way for EGX, Rock Paper Shotgun are all over this like a rash (although some of us will pop up on the PAX side of the X if you keep 'em peeled). I've got a lovely chat about how to write endings with Failbetter Games' narrative director Chris Gardiner, Katharine has an interview with the Inkle devs about upcoming Arthurian puzzle-story game Pendragon, Nate is doing loads of stuff to do games that have dwarfs in, plus a billboard interview with Sid 'Sid Meier's Civilization' Meier, and we've already told you about our excellent live podcast. To cap it all off, VidBuds Matthew and Colm are doing a full day of livestreaming for Indies Uncovered on Thursday the 17th! Howzat!

We're also going to post about some of the lovely games that will be showcased over the week, and give you reminders for the fun things we think you should watch. Follow along with our dedicated PAX-EGX tag for all PAX X EGX #content on RPS. And, of course, explore everything on the official PAX X EGX website yourself.

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