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Grey Goo DLC Free For A Few More Hours

Late news

Quick! Hurry! If you own Grey Goo [official site], don't even wait to read the rest of this post: fire up Steam or go over here and download this DLC for free.

Now that you've done that, I'll explain more. Petroglyph have launched the first DLC for their pretty solid RTS, in the shape of a three-mission mini-campaign, and very kindly are giving it free to current Grey Goo owners who download it in the first two days. Problem: it came out on Tuesday, so you only have until 5pm (7 hours after this post goes up) to grab it. Sorry for the tardy news!

The 'Emergence' mini-campaign is set in a gap in the game's campaign, across three missions and six cinematics showing what happened to Singleton after the explosion at the Terminal, words that I assume will mean something to people who've played it. Petroglyph explain:

"An ally turned enemy, Singleton’s journey remains a mystery to his former companions. But what happened to cause his corruption and turn? And what drives the Goo itself? Delve into the Goo's origins and learn its true intention and plan for the galaxy."

The DLC will cost $7.99 from this afternoon.

Say, now I may have a few Grey Goo owners reading, how is the game? Eyes have looked keenly to Petroglyph for the next romper-stomper of an arcade RTS, remembering they were founded by former Command & Conquer folks, but their games mostly seem to turn out... okay. From what I've heard, Grey Goo is one of their best yet? But maybe I know a load of liars. Let me know, yeah? One of that lot said they were taking my silverware to polish three months ago and I haven't seen them since.

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