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Grey's Anatomy On PC At Long Last

Just think of all the great games based on TV shows! I mean, imagine what our lives would be like without them. No CSI: Miami, no Law & Order. The world would be a barren wasteland. So it was with heavy hearts when we learned last year that Ubisoft's Heroes game would no longer be made. Well, turn around that frown, friend, because Ubisoft are instead bringing us a game based on ABC's Grey's Anatomy!

Lawks. Blend Games report the discovery on GameStop's site, which led us to finding the game's press release. Christian Salomon, Ubisoft's vice president of worldwide licensing, overcome with the passion that fills every gamer said,

"Ubisoft is thrilled to be collaborating with ABC Studios to turn this phenomenal television series into an interactive experience. In Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game, fans will have a chance to take on the roles of all of their favorite doctors in an all-new original storyline. As each doctor, players will make important personal and professional decisions, explore the direct relationships with each other, and perform the delicate surgeries the series is known for, all through fun and engaging game play."

What this engaging play might be is not yet clear, and the released screenshots offer no clues. There's some doctors in an operating theatre from the torso up, a doc looking sultry, and two docs about to have a snog. So far it's pretty realistic to the show. Perhaps we can look forward to a cast member making homophobic slurs on set and getting awkwardly fired, and another being forced to leave the game for playing a gay character. Then an actor will be given humiliating sex scenes in cutscenes after she complains about her boring role in the press. Then fewer and fewer people will play and the game will get cancelled in the summer 2009.

Er, that's all the knowledge you can glean about Grey's Anatomy by watching The Soup and reading TiFaux. However, it seems the game will be part adventure game (as all these things tend to be) and part Trauma Center, which explains why it's coming out on Wii and DS as well as the PC.

But don't assume it will be terrible. There's a chance. ER: The Game, against all fathomable reason, was one of the most spectacularly silly games I've ever played. A Theme Hospital clone with ninjas and drug-induced dream sequences involving fairies and American football players. So who knows where the idiotic soap-hospital might end up.

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