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Clickclickclickclickclick: Grim Dawn Finally Released

Diablo-y monster-mashing

"If you have an ARPG itch to scratch, I can't recommend you look anywhere else right now," our Alec said in his Wot I Think of Grim Dawn [official site]. It's an action-RPG in ye olde olde Diablo-y style, with wizards and warriors clicking on monsters until they explode in pleasing showers of rusty swords and golden coins. It's got pedigree too, as developers Crate Entertainment were founded by some of the remains of Titan Quest devs Iron Lore. Now, following a Kickstarter and several years on Steam Early Access, Grim Dawn is finally properly released.

Grim Dawn's going hard for that Diablo II vibe, Alec will tell you, which made it a great clickclickclicking hope for the future back before Diablo III started to get its act together. The two have certainly ended up as different games doing different things, mind - if you want something gritty and grimy, less Blizzard-shiny, Grim Dawn's your pal.

Along with singleplayer, it of course has online co-op.

The final update before leaving Early Access was a biggun, adding voiceovers for major quest dialogue, an animated cinematic, a new tutorial tip system, and plenty of tweaks and fixes. The patch notes explain it all.

Grim Dawn is £17.99 on Steam. If you need narrative motivation for monster-clicking, here's that intro cinematic in handy YouTube format:

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Grim Dawn


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