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Grounded has added ziplines and Halloween décor

Getting around is getting easier

The backyard is booming and boo-ing with new stuff in early access miniature survival game Grounded. Obsidian have added a new zipline structure to help your tiny little people with traversal and some spooky new food and décor for Halloween. They've made some bug fixes to the game's many bugs as well.

Obsidian preview several of the changes in the new update in the developer video below. Several bugs have been tweaked to improve their combat performance which is great for them but perhaps not so great for your tiny survivalists.

If you need to get those feet off the ground, the new ziplines will be key. Obsidian say they can be found in the new lab in The Hedge. You'll also be able to construct them yourself after you've unlocked them. Ziplines may make your life easier, but there are also new spider webs that can make your life harder. The good news is that bugs can get caught up in them as well so maybe be mindful and attempt to use them to your advantage, aye?

As if that weren't spooky enough, there are some proper Halloween additions. There are new world landmarks: "Frankenline" and a Jack-O-Lantern. You can also find and harvest candy corns laying around.

There are some other changes like additional language support and timers for tracking the rate at which your food spoils. For the full change list, check Obsidian's 0.3.0 update notes.

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