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Grow Up, Okay: Grow Home Sequel Released

Delightful climbing

Two words for you, reader, you and your video games: Grow Up [official site]. That's a joke really undone by capitalisation and our standardised linking, isn't it. Otherwise it'd be hilarious, wouldn't it. You'd be like "Whaaat! How dare you! And on a video games site!" then I'd reveal that really I was talking about the sequel to Ubisoft's splendid physics-o-platformer Grow Home and you'd be like "Oh gosh! I thought...!" and we'd laugh and laugh. Well, so much for that. The point is, Grow Up is now out and that's good news, isn't it.

Grow Up brings back BUD, crash-landed on a new planet. The little robit will be roaming and climbing around again, trying to collect parts and to reach the moon and rebuild dear MOM. I don't know what MOM is meant to stand for but I'll be mighty disappointed if the mothership's name isn't backcryonymed anew as MUM for the UK.

This time around, BUD has new abilities, including planting seeds to grow loads of different helpful plants. Here, this video has some Ubimen explaining it all:

I know, it is still a little surprising that this is a game made by a Ubisoft studio. Their small games really can be quite interesting. I mean, I'm excited for the hilarious goofiness of Hackers homage Watch Dogs 2 more than anyone I know (largely because I refuse to believe it's meant to be serious) but... it's nice that Ubi do let folks make games like this too.

Grow Up is £6.99/9,99€/$9.99 on Steam.

Multipurpose Utility Moduliser, maybe.

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