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Grrr! Rage 2 released


Rage comics may be so over by now but Id Software remain committed to their FPS adaptation of the Internet meme, this morning releasing Rage 2. Their open-world drive-o-shooter imagines a world where everyone raged so much that human civilisation collapsed, turning into a Mad Max-ian wasteland where people drive angry and murder angrier. For the sequel Id have collaborated with Avalanche Studios, the mob behind Just Cause and Mad Max, and given it an injection of rude 'tude plus sci-fi superpowers to cause big daft murdermesses. The future...!

We've smeared young Matt in axle grease and hair dye and shoved him out into the wasteland so he can tell us all Wot He Thinks of the experience. Judging by the volume of black smoke pouring under his door, he's a day or two away from an answer. For now, here's a video sorta-review from the evolved form of Matt, Matthew:

Rage 2 is out now on Steam for £40/€60/$60. The post-launch plans include new skins, enemies (including a sand worm), challenges, and events in free content updates, as well as two expansions. The first of those, Rise Of The Ghosts, is due in August.

In the realms of stuff that makes people post "I cannot BELIEVE you didn't mention this HOW DARE YOU" comments, Rage 2 uses the DRM-strengthening Denuvo Anti-Tamper tech (which Bethesda tend to remove after a while, if you'd rather wait) and requires a Bethesda.net account.

Our Katharine would recommend you rebind some daffy keyboard controls. Ctrl+F for a superpower is a weird setup.

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Rage 2

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