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Grand Theft Oh Whoah: iCEnhancer Mod Updated

Latest version of GTA 4 graphics mod

Fan-made replacement models and textures whatnot have been jazzing up games for decades, but recent years have seen the curious development of custom cinematography. Tools like ENB and SweetFX jack into a game's rendering pipeline, letting people create their own vision by tweaking things like lighting, shadows, colours, reflections, anti-aliasing, and all manner of blooms and blurs. While some try to bring a look closer to reality, others go more moody.

Perhaps the most popular of these for Grand Theft Auto IV is iCEnhancer, adding enough fancy effects and tonal tweaks to make a six-year-old game look fresh as a daisy. Version 3.0 has now arrived, with plenty of new prettiness and a little extra performance.

iCEnhancer is built around SweetFX and ENB, with some other changes and optional high-res textures for roads, vegetation, fancy blood, and metallic car paint. You'll find the lot on the official site. Adding all this stuff naturally affects performance, so you might want to nab this low-end config if it's too taxing for your PC. Creator Hayssam Keilany recommends a few other mods too.

Version 3.0 brings moving clouds, better godrays, motion blur, and other fanciness. This may be the last release for a while, as Keilany is taking a break, a bit upset with The Internet.

But if iCEnhancer's showy cinematic look isn't for you, hey, oodles of other folks are making profiles and mods for GTA IV. The wonders of downloadable cinematography!

Here, look at how pretty and shiny this is (and gosh it definitely is shiny):

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