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GTA Online's Gunrunning update delivers Megaforce bike


Okay, okay, enough with the E3 news on video games coming out in 2027. What about now? Well! The multiplayer crimeworld of Grand Theft Auto Online [official site] today launched its 'Gunrunning' free content update, adding loads of new crimes to do as an arms dealer. Players get to start a company in an underground bunker, complete naughty missions, grow their business with research and manufacturing, customise vehicles with big weapons, and more. Also, it adds flying motorbikes out of Megaforce.

Rockstar lay out the plan in a blog post. Players need to have CEO, motorcycle club president, or VIP status to get the arms-dealing ball rolling then can buy (and eventually decorate) their own underground bunker base, start manufacturing weapons, deliver them, and generally commit acts of great violence. Deadly new vehicle options include dune buggies with machine guns, muscle cars with miniguns and missile launchers, a might half-track, and yes, flying motorbikes with a choice of machine gun or missile launcher.

For players who don't want to touch any of that, the update does still bring new clothes, tattoos, and haircuts.

This all sounds a little beyond my pay grade, because I'm an idiot who instantly spends all money in GTA Online on clothes and dislikes the grind, though Rockstar have lowered the amount to register as a VIP to $50,000. With many GTA Online updates focusing on expensive high-end activities, it's no surprise hackers spaffing cash are still rampant. Rockstar are punishing funny money but it is a mess.

Today's update is a 2.2GB download.

Anyway, let's Megaforce this mother:

[Disclosure: I'm... acquaintances? with several people who work on GTA. Look, you try living in Edinburgh without knowing anyone who works at Rockstar. I swear every tenth non-tourist person I pass is wearing a well-worn GTA or Red Dead t-shirt clearly swiped from the company stash years ago.]

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