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GTFO has left early early access

A spooky surprise

Developers 10 Chambers Collective had a little surprise for everyone at The Game Awards tonight - their co-op horror game GTFO has launched out of early access. It first arrived in early access two years ago, and has had loads of update adding new weapons and environments since. With today's 1.0 launch, it adds even more content too, including new environments, tools, bots, checkpoints and more. That's my weekend plans sorted.

GTFO is a pretty tough stealth FPS where you (and up to three pals) drop into an underground facility to gather data while fending off zombie-like monsters. It's great fun, but it's a difficult affair without a full squad to help you, so I'm looking forward to seeing how well these bots (who'll take up player spots) perform.

The game is continuing it's "Rundown" update system, which basically means every few months GTFO replaces all its current levels with new ones, wiping your progress so you start fresh. It's a good way of keeping things from going stale, I'm glad they're continuing with Rundowns beyond 1.0.

Other newness includes character customisation (ooh), improved matchmaking, "a refined animation system", and more.

"If you played GTFO during Early Access, you should notice a huge difference in quality and see how the improvements make the extremely challenging parts more fun to tackle," the devs say. "Our list of ideas for new horrors, puzzles, and tools is extensive, so I am genuinely excited for the coming years of GTFO."

I'm a big fan of this one, as was Matt Cox when he played it in 2019, saying it was "the best way to panic as a group since Killing Floor".

The game has now left early access, and you can find it on Steam priced at £27/€30/$30 with a 25% discount to celebrate the launch. Find more info on their Steam announcement post.

We stayed up late to cover the PC gaming news at the marketing extravaganza: hit our The Game Awards tag for everything, or skip to Every trailer at The Game Awards 2021.

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