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Guardians Of The Galaxy foggy cave: how to escape the foggy cave in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Learn how to escape the foggy cave in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Want to know how to escape the foggy cave in Guardians Of The Galaxy? After trying to convince the Worldmind to fight Raker and proceeding into chapter 10, Mantis will join the team to help you save Drax, who has fallen victim to Grand Unifier Raker’s Promise. She will lead you into a mysterious cave that tries to trap any who enter. As you explore, you’ll discover two particular puzzles that require some out of the box thinking to proceed.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to escape the foggy cave in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

How to escape the foggy cave in Guardians Of The Galaxy

When you enter the foggy cave, some of your teammates will start to hear different enemies. As the leader, you need to decide who you believe is hearing the correct noise. However, to complete this puzzle and escape the foggy cave in Guardians Of The Galaxy, you need to choose the silent option. If you don’t side with either of your teammates, the cave will stop spawning enemies. After a short conversation, the way ahead will become clear and you can continue through the mission.

If you choose to believe a certain character, the enemies that they hear will suddenly spawn and initiate an encounter. This could be one of many enemies that you’ve encountered on your journey so far, including Nova Corps soldiers or the Jelly Cubes from the Quarantine Zone. Talking about the enemy seems to cause them to spawn, so being silent is the only way to stop the endless attacks.

After defeating a group of enemies, you’ll once again get the option to choose what you hear. The silent option will always be there, so just choose it once to escape the foggy cave and continue on your adventure. There's no benefit to constantly choosing to fight enemies, as you get no rewards or extra XP for each combat encounter. You only earn XP when you make the correct choice and escape the foggy cave.

That’s everything you need to know to escape the foggy cave in Guardians Of The Galaxy. While the main story takes you on a journey to save the galaxy from the Promise, this iteration of the Guardians has been active for a while. Take a look at our collectibles guide to unlock new conversations with your teammates and learn more about their histories. If you're struggling to take names and kick ass, check out our Guardians Of The Galaxy tips for some extra help. If you want to know what we thought of Guardians Of The Galaxy, check out Ed's review.

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