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Guardians Of The Galaxy tips and tricks: a beginner's guide to saving the galaxy

Kick names and take ass with these Guardians Of The Galaxy tips

Want to know some tips and tricks for Guardians Of The Galaxy? The adventure will take you across the vast galaxy in search of fortune, fun, and a whole lot of kicking ass, but you won’t make it far without a solid grasp of the mechanics in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

This guide will offer some tips and tricks that you’ll need to get familiar with if you want to turn your rag-tag group of misfits into a heroic team to be feared. We'll cover tips for all of the main aspects of the game, including combat, exploring, and all of the chats that you'll have with your teammates during your adventure.

Guardians Of The Galaxy tips and tricks:

Star Lord delivers a devastating kick to a member of the Nova Corps, as Groot and Gamora back him up.

Use the whole team

Combat can be a frenetic, chaotic affair in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but don’t just rely on your blasters. Sure, they are the main way that you can deal damage as Star Lord, but you have a whole team that is ready to fight pretty much anything that moves. You just need to remember to command them, which can be easily forgotten once the lasers start flying.

You shouldn’t just mash buttons though. Each member of the team has a specific skill set that makes them better suited to certain situations:

Rocket has various grenades that you should use when you manage to draw enemies into the same place, as you’ll be able to damage them all at once.

Gamora is extremely powerful, but, unlike Rocket, her attacks deal a lot of damage to individual opponents. Use her to pick off lone enemies.

Drax the Destroyer is able to stagger enemies easily. Staggering is important if you want to kill some of the tougher enemies in Guardians Of The Galaxy, as it weakens them and opens them up to attacks.

Groot can deal damage, but his best abilities are those that grapple enemies. This allows you to take a breather in combat, which should give you a chance to control your other teammates and issue some commands.

Once enemies are grappled, have Gamora jump in with her sword, or get Rocket to throw a well-timed grenade into the mix. Comboing abilities like this is sure to earn you a better combat rating.

The gang posing in a Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy screenshot.

Make quick choices

Guardians Of The Galaxy isn’t all about combat. You’ll spend a lot of time chatting with this bunch of idiots, and, as the leader, you need to make some quick decisions. Whether it’s choosing whether to sell Groot or Rocket to the Monster Queen, or you are trying to convince the Worldmind to help you save the galaxy, you won’t get long to make a choice.

Letting the timer run out can often land you in the worst possible scenario, so even if it seems tricky, just make a call. That’s usually better than freezing and saying nothing, unless you're in the foggy cave. Whatever happens, just make sure to brush it off and make it seem intentional. You meant to do that.

Star-Lord's ability menu in Guardians Of The Galaxy

If you’re stuck, start scanning

When you aren’t firing your blasters or arguing with your crew, you’ll get to explore some beautiful locations. However, your journey through the galaxy can often come grinding to a halt when the path ahead isn’t so obvious.

If you keep scratching your head wondering how to advance further, activate your visor and start scanning objects. You’ll often need to scan something before you or your teammates can interact with it and progress into new areas.

Lady Hellbender's palace with the visor scanner visuals in Guardians of the Galaxy

Spread out your ability points

Guardians Of The Galaxy doesn’t have a strict leveling system. Instead of leveling up each member of the team individually, you earn ability points that you have to share amongst everyone. That means you’ll often have to make a decision on who should get new moves.

You might be tempted to dump all of your points into Star Lord early in the game because he’s your character and the leader of the group. However, this can leave the rest of your team without a diverse array of attacks, limiting your options in battle. Spread out your ability points so that everyone can unlock new skills and deal devastating damage. It’s much better to spread the stress of battle, rather than having all of the weight rest on your shoulders.

Nikki's secret hideout in Guardians of the Galaxy, with pop up in lower right corner showing that player has found a hidden collectible

Explore every nook and cranny

Throughout Guardians Of The Galaxy, you’ll often stumble across workshops. These let you construct new perks and upgrades for Quill. However, to unlock these upgrades, you need to use components, which are mostly found by exploring every little nook and cranny in an area. If you just try to rush through the adventure as quickly as possible, you’ll miss lots of side routes and components that you could use to improve your equipment and make combat easier. It’s much better to slow down and explore every area fully rather than pushing ahead at breakneck pace and then getting stuck in a difficult fight that you can’t complete. You'll find plenty of collectibles too, along with cool outfits for the Guardians Of The Galaxy and lots of sweet, sweet lore.

The Guardians star up at a glistening set of powerful armour.

Be stylish

Combat can get pretty hectic in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but don't let that distract you. No, not from the mission. You can forget the mission. We mean don't forget to be stylish. Star Lord loves it when his merry band of intergalactic misfits looks snazzy whilst fighting, so be creative and mix things up in combat. Use different team attacks and throw a few punches in between all of the lasers and explosions. This should ensure that you get plenty of Momentum and fill up the combat rating bar, which will net you more experience points after the encounter. No matter how hard the fight gets, don't run away from battle. Any time spent not fighting will drain the bar and leave you flailing about on the dance floor.

Those are all the tips and tricks you need to survive in Guardians Of The Galaxy. If you want to know how long it'll take to save the galaxy, check out our chapter list for Guardians Of The Galaxy. If you want to know more of what we thought about this bunch of a-holes and their trip through the galaxy, check out our Guardians Of The Galaxy review.

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