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Guild Wars 2 School: Super Adventure Box Back

So, I admit, I bounced off Guild Wars 2. After promises of its being a brand new approach to the MMO, finding myself in a generic fantasy world being asked to kill five of something, I pretty much gave up straight away. I know, I know, I should have dug in, but as you can imagine it's not possible to dedicate time to every MMO I'm not going to be writing about. Then I see the details of the new Super Adventure Box: Back To School update, and I regret my decision.

Aside from the sheer cruelty of being yet another place to use the words "back to school", which I saw emblazoned across every shop window since before the Summer holidays even started this yea - the bastards - this isn't anything you'd expect to find in such a game. Unless of course you played last year's April Fools-borne incarnation of the Super Adventure Box, in which case you're likely rolling your eyes and tutting at me so hard you've given yourself a headache.

This 8-bit inspired collection of challenges is the same content as last year's set of platforming and exploration challenges, along with a bunch of new content. The school set up by asuran genius Moto now has a World 2, and the new Tribulation Mode. There are a ton of new bits and bobs too, all listed in detail here.

The update page for this addition also contains a teaser for yet more new content due on the 17th, called Tequati Rising.

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Guild Wars 2

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