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Gundam Evolution, a free-to-play mech shooter, will launch this month

Gundamn those are some robots

Gundam Evolution is a free-to-play first-person shooter about piloting the famous anime mechs. A new video released today outlines both the game's release date - September 21st - as well as the post-release updates you can expect, including the season pass and the first batch of additional mechs.

Here's the video:

In Gundam Evolution, players will participate in six-versus-six objective-based fights, with each player piloting a mech from across Gundam's many incarnations. There are 12 to choose from at launch.

Season one, which will last around two months, will then make three new mechs available to unlock. Those are Zaku II with a melee loadout, meaning it's a mech with a big sword; Mahiroo, who has a grenade launcher which can bounce damage between enemies; and Unicorn Gundam, who can buff teammates and who has a beam weapon. If you want to unlock these, you'll need to do it with "Capital Points" that can be earned through polay, or Evo Coins, which you purchase with real monies. No word on pricing yet.

I've watched just enough Gundam to know that these mechs probably have traumatised teenagers listening to jazz music inside. I don't know if that affects your purchasing decisions or not. I think it's a selling point.

The video above goes into other details about the season pass, how it'll operate, and the other kinds of items you can unlock including weapon skins, emotes, and stamps. There will apparently be 500 thingamajigs to unlock at launch. That doesn't particularly appeal to me, but I do like how the big robot combat looks in the rest of the trailer.

Gundam Evolution will launch on PC via Steam on September 21st at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT/3am GMT September 22nd.

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Gundam Evolution

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