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Hades fishing: how does fishing work, and which fish can you catch?

How to get (and use) the Rod of Fishing

How do you go fishing in Hades? Hades is packed with far more content than you might expect from a roguelite. There's romance, there's decorating, and - perhaps most exciting of all - there's a fishing minigame where you can catch all sorts of underwater underworld inhabitants and sell them for valuable items and resources.

Our Hades fishing guide will walk you through how to get the Rod of Fishing and use it to catch all sorts of different fish. Below you'll also find a full table of every fish in the game, where to find it, and your reward for catching each one.

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How to get the Fishing Rod in Hades

Before you can start fishing in Hades, you'll need to purchase the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor, found beside Hades's throne in the House of Hades. It only appears in the Contractor's list if both the following criteria are met:

  • You've reached the Temple of Styx (the fourth realm after Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium) at least once.
  • You've purchased the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor (for 20 Gemstones).

Once it appears, you can purchase the Rod of Fishing for 1 Diamond. Once purchased, you'll own the Rod of Fishing forever in that save file, and can use it whenever you see a room with a fishing spot during one of your runs.

How does fishing work?

Fishing spots will occasionally appear on a Hades run once you've purchased the Rod of Fishing. These fishing spots look like bright spots in water or lava (depending on the realm you're in). You can only interact with a fishing spot once you've cleared the room of threats. There will be an audible "ding" sound that will alert you to the fact that you can now fish at a fishing spot somewhere in the room.

To start fishing, walk up to the fishing spot and interact with it.

A screenshot of Zagreus fishing in the Chaos realm of Hades.

Watch the bobber once you've thrown it in the water. It may "fake" bob up to three times before catching something. Once a fish is caught, the bobber will completely submerge for a moment, and you'll hear a louder and fuller splash. Once this happens, tap the interact button as quickly as you can, because your reaction speed determines your chances of catching a common, rare, or legendary fish - or nothing at all:

  • 0-340 ms - guaranteed rare, 50% chance of legendary.
  • 340-680 ms - guaranteed catch, 50% chance of rare.
  • 680+ ms - no catch.

Bear in mind that fishing spots appear sporadically throughout a run. They can only appear in rooms that have water somewhere within Zagreus's reach; and once you've seen a fishing spot, you won't see another one for at least 10 chambers (5 if you're in Chaos), or at least until the end of the current realm.

Full list of fish & trade rewards

The only thing you can do with a fish after you've caught it is trade it with the Head Chef at the House of Hades after your run finishes. If you forget, then your caught fish will persist once, but after you forget twice, they'll be lost forever.

Below is a full table of every fish you can catch in every realm of Hades, and what it is worth for trade with the Head Chef:

HellfishTartarusCommon5 Gems
KnuckleheadTartarusRare20 Gems
ScyllascionTartarusLegendary30 Gems
SlavugAsphodelCommon1 Key
ChrustaceanAsphodelRare3 Keys
FlameaterAsphodelLegendary5 Keys
ChlamElysiumCommon1 Nectar
CharpElysiumRare2 Nectar
SeamareElysiumLegendary3 Nectar
GuppStyxCommon20 Gems
ScufferStyxRare40 Gems
StonewhalStyxLegendary150 Gems
MatiChaosCommon100 Darkness
ProjellyChaosRare250 Darkness
VoidskateChaosLegendary500 Darkness
TroutSurfaceCommon1 Diamond
BassSurfaceRare1 Ambrosia
SturgeonSurfaceLegendary1 Titan Blood

That's everything there is to know about fishing in Hades. While you're here, why not brush up on your knowledge of the best Hades Boons and Hades Keepsakes to choose from for each new escape attempt?

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