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Hades just got its last major early access update before launch

There's hell to pay

Hades has been in early access for over a year now, though you'd hardly know it—what with being on RPS's list of best action games already. Supergiant Games have now pushed out what they say is the last update standing between the hellish roguelike and an escape from early access. The Blood Price update is out now and the next big release will be version 1.0.

Supergiant say that Blood Price is the biggest update for Hades so far, summoning more bosses, minibosses, upgrades, story, and more. Sure enough, a skim through the new patch notes shows a huge chunk of the list marked as "new!".

There are dozens of new boons and blessings that you can acquire from fellow Olympians. The Daedalus Hammer has a ton of new abilities available to unlock as well. A bunch of new enemies and mini bosses are joining hell, from the horrifying-sounding Bloodless Bone-Raker to the Doomstone. Asphodel and Tartarus in particular are getting multiple new mini-bosses for their cabals.

On the less-lethal side, Supergiant say they've added a bunch of new narrative events as well. Zagreus has been expanded with lots of new voice lines and he'll have more interactions with all of the other Olympians now too. A handful of fellow gods have had their Affinity Gauges increased, meaning Zag can pepper them with even more presents than before.

Supergiant say there will likely be a followup patch after Blood Price to sweep up any lingering bugs, but the next big'un will be launch version 1.0 for Hades. There's no specific date yet, but they say it will be coming later this year. The big release will come with the "true ending" for Zagreus, more additional content, and localisation.

You can check out the rest of the Blood Price patch notes on Supergiant's website. If you're more an audio-book person, you can, as is now tradition, listen to Hades' narrator read the entire list of patch notes to you.

You can find Hades on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £20/€21/$25.

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