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Halo Infinite Xbox players want to opt out of crossplay to dodge PC cheaters

Wallhackers and aimbotters are already making life difficult

Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta has only been out for a couple of weeks, but the free-to-play FPS doesn't have effective anti-cheat, and it's really beginning to show. Players have been posting clips on social media of supposed cheaters using wallhacks, aimbots and more. Now Xbox Halo players are asking developers 343 Industries for an option to turn crossplay off, so they don't have to deal with pesky PC hackers.

Some of the earliest examples of cheats were posted to Reddit less than a week after the multiplayer was released. In this clip, you can see the player we're watching tracking enemy heads through walls, which I can tell you, with confidence, is definitely not a feature.

More recent alleged cheating clips show some rather obvious aim-snapping and wall-hacking. The person in this one doesn't even have their gun facing the right direction for half the kills they get, while this player has a sniper rifle so accurate they only need to aim at the wall next to someone's head! A skill that certainly can't be taught.

Halo Infinite has had automatic cross-platform play between PC and Xbox since it launched, with no option to opt out. Cheating obviously sucks for everyone, but it's worse for console folks who know they could be playing without PC hackers. As a result, Xbox players are asking for the option to disable crossplay.

"Besides the ease of playing on console, avoiding PC cheaters has been my biggest reason for not playing on PC," said Reddit user Meiie. "This is really important and I think not getting this option now is gonna spiral pretty hard into us players, on console, having to deal with infestation of cheaters currently on PC."

This isn't the first time console players have had to deal with this either. PC cheaters in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare drove console folks out of crossplay too (but at least they had the option to hop into console-only lobbies).

It's worth noting that, in Halo Infinite's ranked games, players are able to choose if they're matched with players using controllers or mouse and keyboard. You can still use a controller on PC though, so there's no guarantee you'll avoid hackers that way. Here's hoping 343 are looking into this, it seems some anti-cheat software would go a long way.

It's a real shame some folks are running into these dodgy players, because Halo Infinite is good fun. I've quite enjoyed what I've played so far, and I very much agreed with Ed when he said it's the most stable FPS he's played all year.

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