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Halo Infinite's release date is set for December 8th

John Spartan puts a ring on it, and a date, at last

Although we've known about the next Halo game for years now, its development won't actually be infinite. Nope, Halo Infinite is in fact launching this year, 343 Industries recently reassured everyone by saying they're "100% committed to releasing this holiday". The official date for your FPSing adventures and Halo deathmatching is going to be December 8th, according to a sneaky leak ahead of a proper announcement. Mark your calendars, Spartans.

The December 8th date leak was shared on Twitter, from what looks to be a Microsoft Store page listing. According to the poster, the listing "has been live since August 26, 2020, with a placeholder release date. [Microsoft] updated the entire store listing a few hours ago, with the new release date." The date has since been confirmed by The Verge who cite "a source familiar with Microsoft’s plans" saying the date is legit.

Nice to finally get a date on the next Chief campaign, even though there's been other recent bummer news around Infinite's launch. During a recent developer update, 343 informed players that Halo Infinite won't actually have co-op mode available for the campaign, nor split screen play on PC, nor the map and custom games maker Forge mode available at launch. All those things are coming later in 2022. As creative head Joseph Staten said while making the announcement "campaign co-op is fundamental to the Halo experience." It sure is. Bummer.

If you're just into Halo for hollering with your pals in deathmatches—no judgement, because that's the majority of my own Halo experience—you won't have to wait. Halo Infinite's campaign (solo only, though) and its free-to-play multiplayer will be launching together on December 8th.

Microsoft didn't show up with any Halo news during the Xbox Gamescom livestream last night, but hey, Opening Night Live is today. I suppose that's where eager eyes ought to head next.

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