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Halo newcomers, how are you finding Halo Infinite?

Halo is weirdly new to many on PC!

Though Halo started out on Macs then joined Microsoft, historically the series hasn't had much of a presence on personal computers. At first we got ports years after their Xbox debut, then Microsoft just stopped releasing Windows versions for their flagship first-person shooter series. Well, that's changing with Halo Infinite, which is coming to PC at the same time as Xbox—including the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta launched last night. So I ask you, an audience with less exposure to the sci-fi shooter: how are you liking it, PC gamers?

I played Halo: Reach's singleplayer on Xbox 360 way back when and didn't like it enough to look any further, so this is probably the first Halo I'll give a real try. My download is still going but I have enjoyed seeing clips people posted of their Grecian 2000 soldiers swinging around on grappling hooks. Has Halo always had a grappling hook? I would've played sooner if I'd known about grappling hooks. What else am I missing?

I'm interested in the opinions of others like me: people who have played the canon of PC shooters but don't really know much about yer lad John 3:16. Is it good? What has surprised you? What was disappointed? How does it feel on PC?

One thing I am hearing is so very much complaining about slow progress on the battle pass.

Hinite's free-to-play multiplayer side launched as an early surprise during Microsoft's Xbox birthday stream last night. Technically it's a beta, though it does have all the maps and modes, and the launch did also start the first season, and everything will carry over to the game's full launch on December 8th.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is available from Steam and Microsoft's Store. It's a 24GB download on Steam and buddy, you can't trick me into starting a download on the MS Store.

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