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Happy Post-Apocalypse Day, survivors!

Oh dear, we're still alive

After our end of the world festivities, we at RPS have counted our living. I have wired Brendy's head into the workings of a fun retro robot, Alice O has presumably taken to the high seas like in Waterworld, and we are roasting Matt Cox's limbs for sustenance while he's on a press trip and can't complain about it. Break open the spam, because it's time for a Post-Apocalypse party! Thank goodness we prepared some more themed articles, just in case. We've always been optimistic types.

Today we're celebrating all the different ways to live after the end of the world has itself come to an end. Because life goes on -- it, uh uh uh, finds a way, in fact, and that way doesn't have to be an irradiated wasteland (although we know that's de rigueur what with Fallout 76, and we won't be ignoring it entirely). There are so many other kinds of wastelands to consider before we commit to how exactly we want to eke out a pitiful existence, and luckily we can explore our options thoroughly in video games.

You'll have already seen Giada Zavarise's haunting playthrough of Elegy for a Dead World, just for starters. I imagine that if you cycle extra hard on the bike generator keeping your lights on and your hopes alive, you'll see more things popping up on the Post-Apocalypse Day tag throughout the day. That way you can pick your favourite possible dead world to survive in, and hope against hope that it's that one you'll see when you open the door of your panic room. Watch out for that first step, though.

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