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Have Faith: Mirror's Edge "On The List" For A Return

Are you sad? Tired? Angry? Upset because you spilled some milk and, contrary to popular opinion, it was in fact the end of the world after all? Well, don't be. Today is a happy day, because criminally underrated first-person runner (with some shooty bits that should've leaped off a building and never looked back) Mirror's Edge is on the comeback trail. For a while, it's mostly been wishful thinking from folks at DICE, but now the people with the money are talking, and they're saying wonderful, joyous things.

Speaking with Game Informer (via Videogamer), EA Labels president Frank Gibeau fired the starting gun on Faith's long-awaited return.

"We have nothing to announce [right now]. We love Faith. We love the property. It's really about how and when do you bring it back? It's on the list. It's just about looking at what teams are available, who's got the right quality approach to it, and who understands it."

So, unfortunately, we probably won't see anything in the near future, but I'm of the "something's better than nothing" school of thought in all things - except maybe hungry wolverines. Of course, now the question is what form it'll take. I'm not entirely sure modern day EA would be willing to risk another King-Kong-sized fist-full of cash on a franchise that already stumbled once. Then again, there were rumblings that Frostbite 2 would lead Faith back into the limelight last year, so who knows?

Regardless, it's a damn shame that no other game has really captured the stomach-lurching sensation of running, leaping, and catapulting yourself through the air since Mirror's Edge. Obviously, a number of first-person games have attempted to follow in Faith's footsteps and improve the sense that we embody a character, but nothing's really touched the frantic thrill DICE's parkour-powered opus offered. I want more. Desperately. Also, I wish my brain was a color-coded GPS capable of  highlighting routes that varied according to how often they'd require me to defy death. As is, I'm only forced to outrun attack choppers once, maybe twice per month. And, I mean, at that point, why even bother?

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