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Have You Played... Apex Legends?

Slide into action

I've learned to love Apex Legends, having bounced off it hard multiple times. The pace is high, the movement tricky, the guns have like, 18 bullets in a clip and it's really easy to buzz them all into thin-air. But once a few friends held my hand and taught me to be patient and position myself properly, rather than charge into battle at any given opportunity, the game began to click. And what a battle royale it is.

The game's a mixture of hero-shooter and battle royale, where you must outplay opponents with abilities to survive an ever-closing circle of doom. My favourite hero is Seer, a bloke with a fetching hat who can summon CCTV nanites from his belly that reveal enemies for a brief duration. Caustic is cool too, because he's a gassy lad whose noxous fumes not only deliver a painful sting, but act as a smog that only – for the most part - he's able to see through.

Butt-sliding is crucial to building momentum too, which is mightily important to getting from A to B safely and quickly. Fights aren't just frenetic fights of slides and strafing, though. What makes Apex so much fun is using your noggin. Learning when a fight is and isn't yours to take - whether that be bailing at the last minute, or repositioning in the midst of a skirmish – means wins are often strategic triumphs.

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Apex Legends

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

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