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Have You Played... Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

For the FPS purists

Compared to many of the latest FPS offerings out there, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a fossil. It's such a simplistic looking game, right? A bit bland and archaic, lacking that colour and pop that the likes of Apex Legends and Valorant possess. But to pass it off as dull and basic is to do the game a disservice, as it's more refined than basically any of its competitors.

Looking back on it now, CS:GO is an FPS that I took for granted. I used to play it semi-seriously, warming up my aim like some wannabe professional in an attempt to climb the ranks. I'd watch videos on how to chuck grenades at certain angles to block an enemy's vision from very specific points. Whenever the esports tournaments were on, I'd tune in and support my favourite teams, or absorb some of the tactics they employed. I was fully on board and totally focused on getting better at this simplistic shooter with serious depth.

Never once did I question the game's maps or its guns or its rhythm. It delivered on all fronts! Even if it was quite an unforgiving time, it rewarded proper positioning and all those hours I'd spent honing my aim. And while I have no desire to turn back the clock and give the competitive queue another whirl, I can't think of another FPS I've played since that's come so close to its shootybang purism.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac

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