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Have You Played... Devil May Cry V?

No more tears

I booted up Devil May Cry V for the first time recently. I hadn't touched a Devil May Cry game since the rather odd fourth one that introduced Nero, a poster-child for emo lads in the mid to late 2000s. He just wasn't as good as sassing demons as Dante, perhaps a bit too serious for my liking.

I liked Nero in Devil May Cry V a lot more.

When we're first introduced to Nero in this game, he's missing half an arm. He's still incredibly serious at this point, but then who wouldn't be when their demonic arm gets pinched by the big bad guy? He soon loosens up, partly because he gets some reloadable cyber arms that mix things up a heck of a lot more than a regular ol' demonic hand ever could. He always had combat potential, but now Nero gets more of a personality along with it. His exchange with Goliath shows just how far he's come on that score.

Of course, in DMCV you don't just play as Nero with his cyber arm and revvable sword. You also play as a newcomer simply known as "V". Matt described him in his review as "distractingly similar to Kylo Ren". He's like a terrible Pokémon trainer, waiting for his crow to jabber enough lightning to weaken his enemies, before leaping into action and murdering said foe with his cane.

As you can tell, I was less of a fan of V. But you can thankfully ignore him after a while, because soon enough Dante returns, fittingly the most fun and with the best toys. He gets a motorcycle that splits into two swords to mince demons, for crying out loud. You can go all Bruce Lee with icy nunchaku. Dante is the best DMC boy.

He also has a hat now.

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