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Have You Played... Doom (2016)?

I'm not your Doom, guy.

Doom made is grand return in 2016 and it somehow catapulted id Software's classic to a new, even bloodier level. If you haven't delved into the reboot yet, then don't worry too much about multiplayer, maybe dabble with the level creation tools, but definitely play the campaign.

The 2016 Doom campaign does maintain a similar feel to the classic 90s shooter. Rather than an attempt at gritty realism undercut by rechargeable health, and many other hackneyed tropes that plague the FPS genre of late, this Doom feels much more arcade-like. This is mostly down to the Glory Kills, hyper-violent finishing attacks you can initiate when an enemy's health is low enough. Pop a head like a grape, chainsaw a demon in half, splatter them onto the floor like Vin Diesel stepping on a wedding cake.

There are more modern tweaks featured too, of course. Jumping is heavily encouraged as a way to not get hit as much, duh. Getting up close and personal with a chainsaw is incentivised by enemies haemorrhaging ammunition whenever you cut into them. Even Glory Kills are given a secondary use as a way to quickly replenish health. Doom 2016 ensures you are constantly on the offensive.

This even has an impact on the story. When Dr. Samuel Hayden, a scientist's brain in a giant robot body, starts making requests of Doom Slayer at the beginning of the game, the Doom Slayer grabs the monitor Hayden is talking through and yeets it across the room. When Samuel tries talking to him again in the lift, the Doom Slayer responds by punching the lift speaker. He doesn't have time for long expositional conversations, after all. He just wants to kill demons.

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