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Have You Played... Duck Season?

It's time to hunt

Duck Season was when VR clicked for me. Imagine what happens when you put Duck Hunt into VR, but made by some very twisted people. It takes some getting used to when it comes to shooting mallards with a shotgun, but as soon as you think you've got the knack of it, Duck Season has other ideas.

The rest of the article will spoil the main twist of Duck Season. If you don't wish to be spoiled, don't read any further.

What set it apart is just how dark and twisted it gets. To start, you're not just playing Duck Season, you're playing a little boy who is playing Duck Season on his own antiquated games console. Eventually, there comes a point where nothing is what it seems with the dog in the old NES-style game. He'll appear in places he shouldn't be, such as your living room. There's one sequence where you're given the toy pistol and must defend yourself against this canine. It's terrifying.

But what made the VR so cool thing is what happens when you turn around for the first time while playing the Duck Season game-wihtin-a-game. I could see through to the other side of the TV, where a small child was mimicking my movement with his toy pistol. This is a horror game.

VR for me is a hit-and-miss concept, but if it means wiping that smug look off that chuckling maniac dog's face, I'm all for it.

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