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Have You Played... Flywrench?

Spanner in the works

Between Nidhoggs, Messhoff dabbled with something completely different. Well, maybe not completely - Flywrench has both Nidhogg's lethality and compulsion. In place of a rival fencer, though, your enemies are coloured walls.

Each level tasks you with reaching the portal at its end. To do that, you need to pass through barriers of three different colours - which'll kill ya if you don't change your form to match. Think Flappy Bird meets... um. Lasers? It's like nothing else, unless you count Swift*Switch. Which you should, because I just played a bit and the coloured gates thing actually seems very similar. Anyway.

Before it soared into difficulty levels I couldn't stomach, Flywrench was rather pleasant. Success was rarely immediate, but never elusive. The flapping itself leaves little to describe, providing a satisfaction that only makes sense when it's beneath your fingers. Every level has a rhythm, a sequence for your muscles and wits to coo over before leaping into the next area. When people talk about 'flow states', I think about the first two worlds in Flywrench.

Then it got too hard too quickly, and I fluttered off to play something else. Pity, that.

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