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Have You Played... Garry's Mod (on Fretta servers)?

Don't Fretta 'bout it

I'm going to make Have You Played history, and do a game wot we've already done. I know! But this is roughly the 1054th entry (going by our terrifying spreadsheet), and Brendy said we're allowed to revisit games if we've got a good reason to [I'll let this one slide. But never again - Brendan]. He's already asked if you've played Garry's Mod. I'm asking if you've played Garry's Mod on Fretta servers.

If Garry's Mod is a playground, then Fretta servers are the bit behind the bins where the cool kids go to smoke. Except the bins are actually a portal to dozens of different playgrounds, and some of those playgrounds are just big slopes where you've got to reach the top while dodging geometric shapes. I don't know. This metaphor got away from me.

Garry's Mod is a sandbox, handing people the tools to make games that span genres and reason. Fretta servers let you swap between those games every fifteen minutes, which is about how long it usually takes everyone on a server to get bored. One minute you'll be a zombified barrel, sneaking up on soldiers amidst a sea of inert props. Then you'll be playing charades with source assets. Then you'll be navigating a lava-drenched obstacle course, or crafting toboggans so you can race them.

I don't know if there are any Fretta servers still running, but they're definitely worth looking for.

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