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Have You Played... Gun?

It's not ALL about guns...

Playing Gun is a pleasant surprise every time (for me at least). It has this sneaky way of vanishing from my conscious thought only to resurface again later, at which point I have largely forgotten all about it. And hey look! It’s a cinematic Western with Brad Dourif in it! How did I forget this game?

Sure, it has all the weird trappings common in games of a similar genre in 2008. Meaning it has a revisionist streak, supernatural elements, and erratic set pieces (you will man a cannon in an early showboat attack, for example, before racing a man for his horse). And yet as soon as I play it again I'm reminded of how, despite these aforementioned shortcomings, it manages to keep you engaged, suspended in whatever cinematic silliness it has cooked up.

Oh, and it may not be Jamie Lidell’s Compass or Jose Gonzalez’s Far Away, but GUN’s orchestral score is pretty impressive, too.

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