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Have You Played... Kid Gloves?

Time is cruel

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.

If you could print out the screenshots of Kid Gloves in my brain, they would be hi-def pristine cartoon graphics. Memories have access to extraordinary upgrades. Kid Gloves looks bloody awful.

I had it for the Atari ST, which in my mind apparently came with a GTX 1080 installed, and it was one of those games I just played and played and played, I think because of a dearth of other options?

Although maybe we should give my brain some slack, because this really looks like an 8bit game, despite running on the future-o-tech of the Atari and Amiga. The game itself, was a flick-screen platformer, and what I most strongly remember was that you had to be really careful about how you finished any one screen because it defined your starting point on the next.

And the caveman. He was a bastard to kill. And the flames, always falling in the flames. And the oranges. And the ankhs. I had no bloody idea what an ankh was in 1990, despite there being in every single game published, like it was a legal requirement or something. And, er, my memories are entirely the pictures, aren't they? Do you remember it any better?

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