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Have You Played... Ladykiller In A Bind?

I'm all tied up here.

Look, does Ladykiller In A Bind have loads of sex in it? Yes. Does that form a large part of the appeal for a bunch of people? Probably also yes. But there's an option to make all the sex stuff PG if you want (like, you can skip sex scenes, or have all the nudey characters wear Christmas jumpers), and I think if people weren't distracted by all the BDSM, more of them might talk about the social currency game that makes up the rest of it.

The sex is the bit that you've already heard about, isn't it? You play an 18-year-old woman who is in disguse as her twin brother, for convoluted reasons that I forget now, on an end-of-year cruise with the rest of their classmates. There are loads of interesting people on board for you to meet, and potentially kiss on the face and tie up (or get tied up by).

The cruise is a week long, and a weird popularity contest is running over the course of it, where you can give and recieve points to other attendees. The person with the most at the end is the winner. I imagine that attending this school normally is a fucking nightmare, but let's put an indefinite pin in that.

Anyway, trying to win the contest involves a lot of trading favours and making promises, and really brings the writing to the fore (and sure, I guess the sex is part of that whole game as well). And though Ladykiller is notable for the wealth of LGBTQ+ representation, and depictions of healthy consent, mechanically speaking I think the social stuff is almost the most interesting bit.

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