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Have you played... Limbo?

Legs akimbo

I couldn't believe nobody had done a HYP on Limbo before, and to be honest I'm still not convinced that there isn't a duplicate somewhere. But anyway. Limbo. It's that black and white, side-scrolling puzzle platform thingy, with the small boy.

I would say that probably not all of Limbo is amazing, but the bit that is amazing is totally worth the price of admission, and that bit is: the spider bit.

So your little lad is jumping and falling his way through a creepy forest, the poor lamb, and then sometimes a giant spider -- a giant spider with tentative, questing legs that is nevertheless relentless -- will just chase after him, and it is very very frightening.

And eventually the spider goes away, and the rest of the game isn't as affecting. But does it really go away?

You've probably played Limbo already, at this point. But if you haven't. Man. That spider.

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