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Have You Played... Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog?

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The Murder Dog is on trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. He stands charged with the killing of over 1500 people in a brutal attack encompassing the use of toxic gas, a fire engine and a blunt instrument. When these charges are put to the Murder Dog, his opening response is unrepentant and unambiguous: "My Taste For Bloodshed Remains Voluminous." Welcome to Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog [official site].

Made by thecatamites, of Space Funeral and Crime Zone fame, Murder Dog IV is another quickfire comic meander through the absurd. Like many thecatamites games, it is dangerously self-aware, constantly spitting on genre tropes even while firmly adhering to them. It also has one of the most efficient and unpleasant trailers in videogames history:

You could sneer at the low-res clickiness of it all, or you could sit back and appreciate some of the funniest dialogue in indie games. The villain protagonist, for example, has some wonderful replies to his accusers. When cross-examining an investigative reporter who penned a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the attacks, the Murder Dog goes on the offensive. “Let The Record State,” he says, “That I Have Never Made Substantial Profits From My Murderous Rampages, Unlike *Certain Journalists*”

All the while there is another small, verbose dog at the bottom of the screen, analysing both the events presented to the court and the legal system itself. For unknown reasons, this canine commentator finds the entire justice system quaint and unnecessary. He is excellent. SO TURN ON THE GAME.

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