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Have You Played... NieR: Automata?

Cor blimey is the OST good

I don’t often replay games, and if I do, it is because they are good. To complete NieR: Automata, you need to replay the game three times. Normally, I’d hate a game's guts for doing this to me, but you know what? I’d do it three more times for NieR: Automata (actually, maybe not because it is quite long, but let's go along with the idea that I would).

In NieR: Automata you play as these androids who have these levitating weapons strapped to their backs. Two of them are blindfolded, the other isn’t. Knee high leather boots are in vogue, as is a soundtrack with lots of operatic “oooos” and “aaaas”. Beware the mackerel; it’ll end your game early.

There is nothing quite like NieR: Automata, I think. It’s such a mishmash of stuff. Like, right at the beginning you’re in a mech doing some mad bullet hell stuff, then you’re suddenly flipping about slicing up podgy robots, then later on you’re having an existential crisis and you’ve ordered some Nietzsche off of Amazon.

I just get the feeling NieR’s still a bit slept on. If you are someone who is snoozing, consider this article as one of those alarms that wakes you up naturally with a gradual increase in light, as opposed to a really shrill one - I don't like confrontation.

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