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Have you played... Osmos?


Osmos is very zen. It does not demand much from you. You are a mote of dust, or possibly some kind of organism -- a single cell of bacteria. Fine. So you float around in this kind of plasma, or whatever, and glomp up smaller cells. You get bigger with each cell you glomp. Survival of the fittest, and at very basic, almost non-violent level. A bloodless violence. I eat u. GLOMP.

And the thing is, that's basically all you do. The colours are all blue and green and science-y, so you can imagine it's all happening in a test tube, or a slide under a microscope being observed by a lab-coated researcher. And you glomp, and glomp.

You can also propel yourself quickly towards prey or out of danger, by farting out matter behind you, but doing this makes you smaller. It puts you back in danger of being glomped. And that won't do at all, no no.

So you float around. Almost innocently. And then you glomp.

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